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INOPINABILE FUTURE- Show by PTBM’s own Alice Havers including Emma Glinski

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Alice Havers (PTBM 2nd year) has this intriguing show coming up in London

Private view is Saturday 16th Jan 5-9pm also featuring PTBM student Emma Glinski….it’s called IOPINABILE FUTURE ( with a ‘strike through’ for the ‘IOP’ bit, but this blog won’t klet me do that!) So.. see this pdf for more info. the address? The show is at:

155 Battersea Park RD, SW84BU

Be there!

Jennet’s show at Grundy Art Gallery ( and book)

This summer I have to blow my own trumpet- I have a big new project called


that is manifesting as a Multimedia installation show experimental fiction film, and my first Book. Here is the info


link here: http://www.grundyartgallery.com/programme/

For summer 2015, the Grundy Art Gallery presents a new commission: THE UNSPEAKABLE FREEDOM DEVICE, an experimental narrative film and multimedia sculptural installation by artist Jennet Thomas.

The film presents a kind of absurd fairy-tale, in which a strange mythical tribe surrounding the ‘Blue Lady’, based on a memory of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, holds sway. The tribe takes a fictional pilgrimage through a future-primitive world, where the difference between magic and technology is now forgotten.
And the link to info about the BOOK of the same name, published by BOOK WORKS is

Plastic Words- Art+ Literature show at Raven Row

If you’re interested in the intersection between literature and contemporary art- check out this show at Raven Row  Gallery  (big interesting place near Liverpool st)

Plastic Words
13 December 2014 to 30 January 2015
Raven Row plays host for six weeks to a series of public events that mine the contested space between contemporary literature and art.
here’s the link