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Maia Conran; This island, and its buildings, is our private paradise

Check out this online show by our very own Maia Conran at:


A fascinating online work… It’s best viewed on a computer with sound.  View the work in context here…THE MAN WHO BROUGHT ME HERE. HE SAID HE WOULD BRING WATER. MORE WATER. THE MAN WHO BROUGHT ME HERE. HE SAID HE LIKED MY FACE, ASKED ME WHAT MY NAME WAS. THE MAN WHO BROUGHT ME HERE.

Jennet’s show at Grundy Art Gallery ( and book)

This summer I have to blow my own trumpet- I have a big new project called


that is manifesting as a Multimedia installation show experimental fiction film, and my first Book. Here is the info


link here: http://www.grundyartgallery.com/programme/

For summer 2015, the Grundy Art Gallery presents a new commission: THE UNSPEAKABLE FREEDOM DEVICE, an experimental narrative film and multimedia sculptural installation by artist Jennet Thomas.

The film presents a kind of absurd fairy-tale, in which a strange mythical tribe surrounding the ‘Blue Lady’, based on a memory of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, holds sway. The tribe takes a fictional pilgrimage through a future-primitive world, where the difference between magic and technology is now forgotten.
And the link to info about the BOOK of the same name, published by BOOK WORKS is

Dark Horse Moving Picture Show

Your Lecturers Jennet Thomas and Paul Tarrago Present:

The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show

at the HORSE HOSPITAL, Bloomsbury


DHMPS Final Logo#1

Friday April 5th Doors Open 7.30pm – show starts 8.00pm sharp – £4.00

The Dark Horse Moving Picture Show is a Film and Live Performance event by Jennet Thomas and Paul Tarragó featuring special guest Leo Chadburn (a.k.a.  Simon Bookish). It will premiere brand new Film/Performance/Music works by all three artists, as well as explore work from their extensive back catalogues of films and songs. This rich and strange cocktail of aesthetic pleasures, urgent ideas and cerebral experimentations will explore new hybrid territories that include a Mystery Event, plus Quiz with Prizes

SCHOOL OF CHANGE at Camden Arts Centre Sat 17th Dec 3.00pm

Your very own Jennet Thomas ( Senior lecturer P+ TBM) will be presenting a live performance show at Camden arts Centre on Saturday 17th – see below.

2 current P+TBM students Brian Llinares and Tanya Malachovskaja worked as assistants on the filming of this project last summer. for more info: http://jennetthomas.wordpress.com/
Artist Jennet Thomas and composer /performer Simon Bookish present a live show exploring a hybrid, cross-over space between art, film, music, speculative fiction and performance, including a recruitment presentation, songs, film clips, lessons, a quiz and prizes.It’s in the Style of an illustrated Recruitment Drive; a preview for my current epic Film project SCHOOL OF CHANGE- a Sci Fi Musical collaboration with Composer/ performer Simon Bookish – which is to show fully realised as an 45 minute Film/sculptural Installation at Matt’s Gallery June- August 2012.

SCHOOL OF CHANGE is a new franchise of girls’ schools, existing in a post-apocalyptic future, so radical it threatens the working of reason itself. SCHOOL OF CHANGE attempts to shore up against this breakdown, to educate a new generation to adapt, building an alternative ‘hive mind’ that has a new, stronger kind of logic.

Each student’s learning is bio-technically monitored and assessed through the Personal Circle lodged inside them. High-scoring pupils perform their learning through a rhythmic song and action practise: ‘the Production’. This trance-like group activity produces small solids – Units of Knowing – the currency through which the new economy tries to function.

The first SCHOOL OF CHANGE open day will take place at Camden Arts Centre on Saturday 17th December 3.00pm- also featuring Frances Scott, Nikki Tomlinson and Catherine Thomas –  2 of whom are also Ex wimbledon students. ENROL NOW!

Exploding cinema – Radio Documentary -16th Jan

Sunday 16th Jan at 1.30 pm on BBC RADIO 4 – between ‘the World this Weekend’ and ‘Gardener’s question time’ there will be a 30 minute documentary on


The famous collective that pioneered a whole new way of experiencing experimental/ underground film culture! of which your very own Jennet Thomas was  a founder member, and Paul Tarrago was a member 13 years…
Here’s the link to the info on the documentary
And exploding cinema is of course www.explodingcinema.org

No idea how representative it will be of the phenomenon that was and is Exploding, but they interviewed me, Paul and Duncan on our sofa in Nunhead quite extensively…
It feels curious and strangely lovely to be rubbing shoulders with ‘Gardener’s question time’ in this manner.

International Fauna by Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson will be showing new work, International Fauna at Picture This on Saturday 8th May and Urplanze, this Wednesday at The Drawing Room, London.

Further information about Jackson’s work can be found at:

Animate Projects, Anti-Bodies and Picture This

You can see Melanie Jackson, Stephen Beasley and Gary Thomas in person discussing International Fauna at the Gallery Launch at Picture This, Bristol on 8 May.