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Wolfgang Tilmans at TAte Modern

I highly recommend this- its very relevant for our PTBM pathway…. a really interestingly hung show!

Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017at TAte Modern

Exhibition…runs until Until 11 June 2017

This is Wolfgang Tillmans’s first ever exhibition at Tate Modern and brings together works in an exciting variety of media – photographs, of course, but also video, digital slide projections, publications, curatorial projects and recorded music – all staged by the artist in characteristically innovative style.

Photograph showing a close-up view of an opened cooked crab with a fly on it


Jennet Recommends- Oreet Ashery show

Animal with a Language
21st Century Carpet Sale! A Legendary Collection

waterside contemporary
2 Clunbury Str
London N1 6TT

18 September – 22 November 2014

Animal with a Language engages with ‘rage against reason’, an attempt to foreground agency against a backdrop of prevailing flatline economies. In the exhibition, degraded actions and material forms, the political unconscious, body languages of exile and the salvage of utopian moments interact. Unorthodox, multi-layered and eclectic, Oreet Ashery’s expansive body of work confronts ideological, social and gender constructions within the fabric of personal and broader contemporary realities.

Within the troubling global condition of The Un/Clean, Ashery interrogates the paradoxical coexistence of revolt and desire towards the unclean and animalistic, the annihilation of the self and others.

Beware! The Unclean Are Rising Again! They Exist! They do Exist!

Jennet Recommends– David Panos at Hollybush Gardens

THE DARK POOL by David Panos
Exhibition 12 September – 11 October at the Gallery – this show could be particulary relevant to those doing the GREEN SCREEN PARADOX PROJECT! read below…

Hollybush Gardens


David Panos’ new body of work positions itself in this intersection between fleshy physicality, fetishism
and metaphysics. It continues the formal and thematic engagement with the notion of ‘real abstraction’
and the theatrics of the commodity form begun in recent collaborative works like
Ultimate Substance (2012). For The Dark Pool Panos collaborated with the occupied Teatro Valle in Rome on a series of filmed improvisations working with the mechanisms of the theatre and in an impromptu green screen studio.The Valle’s performers and technicians worked with a number of randomly selected objects from the occupation (Ikea tables, camping mats, empty crates) to produce a fractured ballet of quotidian gestures that form the core of the work

1–2 Warner Yard
London EC1R 5EY

‘This Is Not a Dream’: how underground artists took on telly

This looks interesting…

‘This Is Not a Dream’: how underground artists took on telly

This Is Not a Dream

Or, how to use your video camera to change the world… or create your own. For this documentary-performance event, Goldsmiths’ Gavin Butt and TO cabaret editor Ben Walters interviewed a dozen artists who use video to trace a story, from Warhol to YouTube, about how the camera can challenge the mainstream, help freaks connect and offer fantasy spaces to explore

.Hackney Attic Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare St, E8 1HE Thu Nov 28 – Fri Nov 29

Since video hit the streets in the ’60s, underground artists have put it to a host of unorthodox uses: creating fantasy worlds, forging offbeat communities and subverting regular TV. Some of these adventures are charted in ‘This Is Not a Dream’, a documentary that screens at the Hackney Attic in the Hackney Picturehouse ahead of a 2014 DVD release. As a taster, here are some of the ways these unique upsetters have messed with TV on TV…see the article in Time Out here