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I recommend….Mat Collishaw at Blain/Southern Gallery

this show contains an extraordinary 3d zoetrope sculpture that is perfect preparation before Paul Tarrago’s screening seminar on ‘the single frame’

Mat collishaw, the centrifugal soul, 2016, courtest the artist and blainsouthern, photo rémi chauvin (5)7 April 2017 – 27 May 2017

4 Hanover Square
London W1S 1BP


Wolfgang Tilmans at TAte Modern

I highly recommend this- its very relevant for our PTBM pathway…. a really interestingly hung show!

Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017at TAte Modern

Exhibition…runs until Until 11 June 2017

This is Wolfgang Tillmans’s first ever exhibition at Tate Modern and brings together works in an exciting variety of media – photographs, of course, but also video, digital slide projections, publications, curatorial projects and recorded music – all staged by the artist in characteristically innovative style.

Photograph showing a close-up view of an opened cooked crab with a fly on it


Joachim Koester at Camden Arts Centre

I recommend…

Joachim Koester
In the Face of Overwhelming Forces

28 January – 26 March 2017

Camden Arts Centre

Joachim Koester, Maybe this act, this work, this thing, 2016 (video still). Courtesy Greene Naftali Gallery and Jan Mot
Danish artist Joachim Koester transforms the galleries with an immersive installation comprising 16mm film projection, digital video, photography and audio works. Collectively, they span the last 12 years of his practice, revealing wide-ranging fascinations held together by a persistent enquiry into the boundaries of apparent reality and a quest to uncover hidden aspects of perception.

Amie Siegel at South London Gallery

I’ve heard very good things about this show. If you’ve never been to the South London Gallery it’s a must- just next door to Camberwell College of Arts

Amie Siegel at South London Gallery

Jan 20- March 26

Free   Link here


Amie Siegel

Amie Siegel
For New York-based artist Amie Siegel’s first solo show in London, the South London Gallery presents recent works which explore the mechanisms through which objects become imbued with meaning. Known for her layered, meticulously constructed works that consider the undercurrents of value systems, cultural ownership and image-making, Siegel works across film, video, photography, performance and installation.

Bedwyr Williams The Gulch

The Curve Barbican Centre- Free29 September 2016 – 8 January 2017

more of Jennet’s recommendations… this one.. should be fun

Navigate a succession of surreal and theatrically staged scenes as you embark on a journey conjured by one of the contemporary art world’s most exciting and innovative artists. From a pair of singing running shoes to a depressed hypnotist and a talking goat, Bedwyr’s curious and often subversive internal dialogue plays out along the Curve’s space in this fantastical installation


Martine Syms: Fact & Trouble- another ICA show looks worth a visit

Martine Syms: Fact & Trouble


20 Apr 201619 Jun 2016

this show also looks really interesting-



Martine Syms, Lessons I-XXX, 2014


Fact & Trouble is an exhibition by American artist Martine Syms that examines the space between lived experience and its representation. Syms’s video series Lessons (ongoing), on view at the ICA, is a long, incomplete poem in 180 sections. Each piece is thirty seconds in duration and articulates a lesson from the tradition. One of these lessons is painted on the gallery walls. The videos use the idea of inheritance as a departure point, simulating the private-public unconscious of television shows, advertisements, animated GIFs, police cams, surveillance footage, Vines and other digitally-circulated formats.

THIS IS A VOICE at Welcome institute

‘THIS IS A VOICE’Sam-Benlinfante,-Focus-2012,-Courtesy-of-the-artist-and-Southard-Reid-(2)

this looks really interesting- at The Welcome institute… opening April 14th

running until 31 July 2016




‘THIS IS A VOICE’- looks inside vocal tracts, restless minds and speech devices to capture the elusive nature of the human voice.

This exhibition explores how the unique grain of our voice locates us socially, geographically and psychologically and how the voice is utterly flexible and can be altered with treatment and training.

Designed as an acoustic journey, the spotlight is cast on the meaning and emotions conveyed through the patterns of rhythm, stress and intonation. Non-verbal forms of communication are emphasised, revealing the power of the voice before and beyond words.

Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966) at the Whitechapel Art Gallery

Electronic Superhighway (2016-1966)

29 January – 15 May 2016

This is the major new show at the Whitechapel Art Gallery

A major exhibition bringing together over 100 works to show the impact of computer and Internet technologies on artists from the mid-1960s to the present day.

It’s a pity that it is their ‘paying show’ this year- (Student price £9.50) but I expect it will have a lot of seminal work in it. It will probably be quite overwhelming.. so allow enough time to smake your visit. Would be great if some PTBM body wanted to do a blog post on this! As it is really relevant to our pathway…


Lumiere London

Being as we all presumably are, citizens of London, or at least spending a fair bit of time in it, yLumiere-London-Logoou probably found it hard to avoid mention of ‘Lumiere London’.


Boasting its title as the first ever London Light festival of this size, it was, at least for us, impossible to see it all. But much like Fringe Festivals from Brighton to Edinburgh – seeing it all is not the point. In fact, one could argue that individual works all work together to create the main work, the atmosphere and the newfound appreciation and view of familiar spaces and buildings.


But I digress.

We started at Piccadilly Circus (walking down towards Green park) and made our way under the huge floating fish kites. They must have been almost 10 metres long, made of a white translucent nylon reinforced by hoops every couple of metres along the body. They floated, bobbed and weaved through the air only 6 or so metres up at their lowest – low enough for their long tails to be within reaching distance for the tall. Their bodies also glowed from the coloured lights on the hoops and head, which added to the exotic soundscape was pure magic to the mingling crowd below.

There were a few other works we saw of note, but I encourage you to find as many images and listings as you can, it being over now.

There was the elephants rear and front, projected onto either side of a skyway just off Piccadilly. ‘The Travellers’ was endlessly beguiling and rewarded the keen eyed with some very strategically placed statues – the work consisted of human wire frame figures flying, perched or lying on roofs and fountains, and they all shined with hundreds of ephemeral, ghostly lights.

I am aware of the politics around a public art event such as this, but this is not the time to go into it.lumiere-london

However, I will say that ‘Plastic Islands’ by Spanish Art Collective Luzinterruptus was incredibly either fitting or hypocritical as a choice to include. It fitted right into their distinctive style I latter found through research; expansive, charged, visually arresting.
Fitting as a demand that the viewer confronts the human impact of plastics and waste disposal on the otherwise idyllic, and encourages the viewer to look again at the issue with new eyes; but perhaps hypocritical thanks to the amount of energy it took to power the whole festival for the 3 days it was on! (perhaps a moot point)

Regardless, the festival – or what we saw of it – was fantastic, I hope you saw it and I realise it’s too late now if you didn’t.