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James Richards: Requests and Antisongs

Highly recommended this Autumn for all moving image makers…(especially the experimental variety!)

21 Sep 201613 Nov 2016

James Richards: Requests and Antisongs

at the ICA https://www.ica.org.uk/whats-on/james-richards-requests-and-antisongs

The Mall

James Richards, Radio at Night (2015). Courtesy of the Artist. Commissioned by the Walker Art Center with major support from the Bentson Foundation.

In Richards’ work, images and sounds are merged into highly affective video works that combine footage from a wide range of sources edited into elegant compositions. His recent projects separate these elements out again, allowing space for multi-channel audio installations that combine sound in a way that is physical and spatial. The video works convene materials according to the silent rhythms and movements of the footage they contain.

Jennet’s Recommendations…

Check out these shows!




 until 7 April

Perspectives on Collage showcases eight approaches to collage. From conceptual to political and cultural critique, this show highlights the enduring relevance of collage. Featuring Wimbledon Alumnus Clunie Reid!!

© Anna Parkina, Untitled 10, 2011

Free Admission

Susan Hiller + Mike Nelson Show at Matt’s Gallery

Susan’s show Channels,  is a vast audio-sculptural installation in which disembodied voices report on ‘near-death’ experiences.

Runs until 14th AprilHiller 3


this Show at CHISENHALE GALLERY is also worth a look while your in that area

Corin Sworn

8 February – 24 March 2013
Preview: Thursday 7 February 2013, 6.30 – 8.30pm

The Rag Papers (2013) explores the nature of attention, reuse and appropriation. The film’s worried narrative shifts between the perspectives of three characters who interact with a series of objects set within carefully designed domestic interiors. The film uses point of view shots and cutaway sequences to suggest the roaming nature of each character’s attention and in turn, reveals transient spaces such as hotel rooms, sorting depots and markets.


Also this Rosmarie Trockel show at the Serpentine is pretty unmissable

runs until 7 April



In A Cosmos Trockel places her work in the company of others to explore varying disciplines. Central to the exhibition are a number of core works, including new works never seen before in the UK, by Trockel, and arranged around these in a constellation according to type and theme are artefacts, both natural and human.