Below  are some leads for students looking for further ideas on placements/ work experience  out there…

[ N.B. For a useful alternate, critical view on the culture of unpaid work go to http://carrotworkers.wordpress.com And http://precariousworkersbrigade.tumblr.com ]


Go to : http://www.artsjobs.org.uk/index.php?id=25

This is a very extensive list of opportunities run by the arts council. It’s easy to use and free. There are plenty of ‘media related’ opportunities- so check it out. If you put in search terms ‘unpaid’ and ‘London’ loads of interesting things come up. The opportunities for unpaid work on this site should not go against the guidelines for what is ‘work’ and ‘experience’ – i.e. transgress the need for a minimum wage.

Another list that might be VERY useful for those of you who want to work on a film shoot/post production is



This contains many opportunities to gain experience working on film shoots and post production in many different roles. You can also use it to FIND people to work on YOUR film projects. It costs to subscribe,  but you can pay £7.95 for just 1 month. Once again, make sure you are not being exploited!

Gallery related experience /education

and OUR COnnections out there…

Many galleries in London run extensive education programmes led by artists and accept volunteers – some of them have formal training days. This is a good way to get teaching and other art related experience. Its also a good way to make contacts/work with other artists. The list below is just a sample of those I know that have a vigorous education programme, and take volunteers. See further down the list for those smaller galleries/organisations our pathway has particular contacts with. ALL the major museums and galleries in London do education programmes, [Tate, Haywood, Sepentine etc.] so check those out too.As always check out /visit these organizations and read their websites thoroughly BEFORE approaching them, there is nothing more annoying than receiving unsolicited e mails from people who haven’t done their homework about the organistation they are writing too!

 These places I know to have  vigorous education programmes:


Camden Arts Centre

is dedicated to developing and nurturing the young artists, arts educators and arts administrators of the future. Alongside our education and exhibition programme we also offer our Volunteer Front of House Assistants the unique opportunity to undertake training directly with individual departments across the organisation. This unique scheme includes a variety of seminars, workshops, job shadowing and hands on experience and was awarded a National Training Award in 2010.


The Whitechapel Gallery

offers a range of structured volunteer placements working within specific departments at the Gallery, including Development (fundraising), Communications (marketing), Events, Education, Exhibitions, and Publications. Most placements require a time commitment of two to three days per week, for a maximum of 3 months. Volunteers make a significant contribution to the work of the Whitechapel Gallery, and we are committed to creating meaningful and productive roles for volunteers that will enable them to develop skills, knowledge and experience.Our voluntary placements do regularly become available, and are advertised on this page approximately one month before the start date.

Chisenhale Gallery


There are regular volunteering opportunities at Chisenhale. To add your name to our volunteer database contact mail@chisenhale.org.uk



no info about volunteering but they do a lot of projects so may be worth approaching SLG after research


These galleries etc. below are places that our pathway has links to

so if you are interested in working with them it might be good to contact us [after thorough research]


– I have contacts here-if you are interested in them [please research them first!] e mail Jennet


Space Station 65

I have contacts here-if you are interested in them [please research them first!] e mail Jennet




London’s longest running ALTERNATE/underground film/performance club

this is the collective jennet co-founded in 1992- they are friendly, anarchic, and are always looking for new people to join to help run the live shows. check out their website THOROUGHLY first. You can learn many skills about running events from hands on participation, and also show your own work here.


http://www.artscatalyst.org/if you are interested in approaching them [please research them first!]  e mail Jennet

Studio Voltaire


Our pathway has contacts here- if you are interested in approaching them [please research them first!]   e mail Lois Rose

Bokship Bookshop


This is a vital place in London for artist’s books and the culture of artists writing!This is an interesting organisation – sometimes they need volunteers- if you are interested in approaching them please e mail Jennet, after researching them thoroughly e mail the address on their site

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