Here are some LINKS to organisations that focus on Performance and Live Art, most of these are based in LONDON:

ARTS ADMINAlthough the name is really boring, this organization is actually ( in my opinion!) the biggest and liveliest  in this field, based very near the Whitechapel art gallery in the East End, in a big  building with studios and all kinds of resources and events going on.

Several of our students have done very rewarding work placements /residencies here, or gone on some of their workshops and contributed to projects… or even got jobs here!  It’s a good one to get to know as it can be very useful to get opportunities and network here after graduation. Our very own Critical PractiseTutor David Gale, runs a regular performance night here, called ‘Peachy Coochy’..

” Working across the spectrum of theatre, visual arts, dance, live art and performance, it provides an unparalleled resource for contemporary artists. Artsadmin produces, supports and promotes arts projects locally, nationally and internationally, developing long-term relationships with artists, often working in partnership with other producers, promoters and festivals”

Live Art Development Agency

“Working to support those who make, watch, research, study, teach, produce, present and write about Live Art in the UK and internationally, and to create the conditions in which diversity, innovation and risk can thrive.”

Much more sensibly named, this organisation is smaller than ArtsAdmin but has some great resources, particularly their Study Room, an open access research facility – an extensive library of Live Art related publications, dvds, videos, cd-roms, magazines, journals, artists’ materials, and other information.  It’s also based in the East End, in Shoreditch.

This (below) is a link to a great new online resource of information on the fascinating field of performance art in the UK in the 1970’s