[Updated] Extended Vocal Technique


So on the recommendation of Indianna, I turned on Radio 3 to listen to ‘Composers’ Rooms‘.

The recommendation was for the rich and engrossing soundscapes of Chris Watson – stunning work in its own right. Chris specialises in Natural History and natural environment sound recording, but any scene he introduces to you is painted with the panache and masterfulness of a William Turner.  Below is a link to his website, with links aplenty to his work.


But the one piece I was incredibly shocked by was ‘G.L.O.R.I‘ by Jennifer Walshe. Described as and extended vocal technique, the piece feels something between a Stars in Their Eyes level karaoke and a montage piece. The best way to describe her performance is live vocal sampling of music in quick succession.

Definitely worth a listen to:


Apart from that, Happy New Year!

(Look Jennet, I posted!)

4 thoughts on “[Updated] Extended Vocal Technique

  1. David

    Try listening to the music of Judith Weir , she’s a British contemporary composer , who’s had operas premiered at the ENO (English National Opera) in London and makes a variety of vocal as well as instrumental works… she also recently became the first Woman to hold the position of Master of the Queens Music

    1. David

      An ex queued to buy £5 day tickets for her premiere of chamber opera Blond Eckbert , at the ENO in 1994 , so many left in disgust before the end of the first act we got to sit in the stalls for the rest of the performance , which I thought was mesmerising .

      You may also like Powder her Face by Thomas Adès or the vocal works of Arvo Pärt


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